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5384 Green Meadow Rd.
Northampton, PA 18067
(610) 217-8957

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We welcome you to the new destination in your journey to become a better rider: Rhythm & Blues Equestrian Center. Located about 5 miles north of Lehigh Valley International Airport, the facility features a large indoor arena, outdoor dressage and jumping arenas, and generously-sized paddocks.

Center director Monika Dujardin boasts many years of professional experience rooted in the German dressage tradition. She has trained horses to compete at some of the highest levels of the sport.

Riders of all disciplines and levels of experience will be delighted by the difference Monika's instruction can make. She will patiently teach you to ride effectively and harmoniously. Let her training methods bring out the best in you and your horse. We hope to see you soon!

Sept 16 Schooling show ride times UPDATED 9/4

Please park all trailers in the field before the farm on the right side.
Thank you!
Anybody needs a stall, please let me know.
Problems with the times, call me and I'll try to make it better.

Intro A
9:00 Yvonne Emerson River
9:10 Suzanne Keller  Watson
9:20 Elsa Emerson Olivia junior 
Intro B
9:30 Yvonne Emerson River
9:40 Suzanne Keller Watson
9:50 Elsa Emerson Olivia Junior
10:00 Irina Milanese            Redford’s Big Mac junior
Intro C
10:10 Grace Graves Think of Chocolate
10:20 McKayla Tobar Oliver Twist
Training 1
10:30 Grace Graves  Think of Chocolate
Training 2
10:40 Kristen Stahl Black Magic Angel
10:50 Caitlin Gallagher Arturo
11:00 Betty Frasca Cash in on Faith
11:20 Kellie Wright  Ride the Waves
11:30 Carrie Callahan Out’N’ About
12:00 Lori Claus Miracle Mountain Tucker
Training 3
12:10 Kristen Stahl Black Magic Angel
12:20 Caitlin Gallagher Arturo
12:30 Betty Frasca  Cash in on Faith
12:40 Kellie Wright Ride in Waves
12:50 Carrie Callahan Out ‘N’ About
1:00 Lori Claus Miracle Mountain Tucker
1:10 Melodie Higgins Redford’s Big Mac
Pas de Deux Training Level
1:45 Holly Ahner Redford’ Big Mac
Alexandra Bielinskie Duncan      
Musical Freestyle 1st level
1:55 Sue Mattos R.U. Atticus
Leadline Walk
2:05 Shannon Murphy Miracle Mountain Tucker  
Leadline Walk/ Trot
2:15 Shannon Murphy Miracle Mountain Tucker
First Level T1
2:25 Holly Ahner Duncan
First Level T2
2:35 Mary Beth Lane Honest Abe
First Level T3
2:45 Heather Lenci  Reflection
2:55 Sarah Weisel Rising Sun junior
3:05 Holly Ahner Duncan
3:15 Jan Petersen Bayif Rhinestone Cowboy
3:25 Mary Beth Lane Honest Abe
3:35 Sue Mattos R.U. Atticus
Second Level T1
3:45 Sarah Weisel Rising Sun 
3:55 Jan Peterson Bayif Rhinestone Cowboy
First Level T2
4:05 Savannah Griffiths Honest Abe junior

Final results for the 6/14 schooing show

Final results for the 4/27 schooing show

Learn about the history and practice of French dressage from a modern master. Jean-Claude Barry, a former instructor at the French National Riding School in Saumur and member of the prestigious Cadre Noir, explains how French dressage principles and methods are applied for a style of riding that embodies grace, ease, and harmony. The points he makes are illustrated with beautiful equine photography by Clotilde Peters. Monika Dujardin is honored to be one of the key riders featured in this book, illustrating many of the dressage concepts Jean-Claude discusses

This beautiful full-color book is available for sale through Blurb.com. It's a must-read for anyone who has ridden in one of Jean-Claude's clinics. The additional insights into the principles of French Dressage provide a wonderful context for Jean-Claude's instructions. Click below to look inside the book. Treat yourself to a copy — you'll find it a great source of inspiration as you strive for the ideals of harmony and lightness that are the hallmark of French Dressage.

French Touch by Jean-Claude Barry/
Photographs by Clotilde Peters

Ecuyer Barry is a published author of two books in French, Dressage du Cheval aux Piliers and Traité des Airs Relevés. This is his first work to be translated into English.